Plans for ASP future

Now its 2019 and I will be 75 next month so it is time to decide what next for ASP.

First step,is to update the web site, correct build sequence errors and add photos of each car we built. have started on 340 Racing Clubmans. next will be 330 F2/F3.

After this plan is to add technical data as I have all original ASP chassis suspension drawings etc, most already electronic scanned.

Also looking to see if we can make ASP race wheels again using NC pattern by Paul Hannel in Brisbane with Whitehorse spun rims from Melbourne. (I ran the wheel dept at Castalloy for 2 years so am very familiar with metalurgy and heat treatment of CC601)

The real problem is to find people to carry on from myself. I already have 3 chassis to complete, 320 H roady, 340 C racing Clubman and the 2nd 380 classic sports.

Would appreciate hearing from any interested enthusiasts.