ASP 350

The modular design and exceptional handling of this car makes it ideal for a variety of body styles to be placed over the running gear. The current design available is of a classic 1930 style which enjoys modern performance. Designs of a modern body style are underway and will be released in the future.

ASP 350

Kits from: $ 16,500

Completed Cars from : $ 60,000

New Style bodies

Type ASP 350
Model A
Build Year 2002 – current

3.8 litre V6 or 3.6 litre quad cam V6 or 5.7 litre V8

Other engines may be available on request.

Power Varies on tune from 125 kw to 300+ kw
Drivetrain 5 or 6 speed manual RWD, LSD optional

Double wishbone front with either real live axle or DeDion axle or IRS

Adjustable coil over shocks front and rear.

Chassis Tubular steel space frame with fibreglass panels

1100 Kg Road registered, can be lightened

Weight distribution 50% front 50% rear


Length: 3670 mm

Height: 1220 mm

Width: 1710 mm

Wheel Base: 2512 mm

Track Front: 1465 mm Rear: 1500 mm

Ground Clearance: 105 mm


Front: Single or Dual Piston disc brakes mm diameter

Rear: Single Piston disc brakes 260 mm diameter

Steering Rack and Pinion with collapsible column

Upholstered in German leather with MOMO steering wheel.

Security Immobiliser
Entertainment Driving or optional AM/FM CD tuner with 4 speakers , optional sub woofer
Fuel type premium unleaded (will run on standard ulp)
Notes This car was developed to utilise an affordable Australian donor car to create a 30’s style roadster with exceptional handling.