ASP – Racing and several cars now for sale

Cars for immediate sale are : ASP 380 Classic Sports & ASP 330 F3

The ASP 380 Sports is based on Holden VN Commodore 3.8 V6 mechanicals with an RHS tube chassis and fibreglass panels, bonnet and engine bay closures are steel.

Front suspension double wishbone, rear is live axle 4 Holden radius arms and Ford Watts linkage for side location. Weight is 1200 kg. Shocks Penske triple adjust remote.

ASP 330 F3 is one of only 3 built by ASP from 1972. Original owner was John Harvey and only 2 since him. We bought car in a sad state in 2015 and it has been fully rebuilt.New ASP fibreglass panels. (moulds available also) Datsun A12 engine dry sumped 1275 cc, Hollinger VW Kombi transaxle (new Hewland dog gears. New Avon slicks on ASP 3 piece rimes. New Historic CAMS log book due shortly. F2 version of this car now owned by Matt Campbell who set many track records in it for Frank Marshall .

Alpha Sports business also available…Items include all original chassis & suspension drawings (many digitised), chassis jigs for Road Clubman and 340C racing Clubman, (one of each on hand as sample), Body moulds for 320 Road 340C Race clubmans, 330 F2/F3 and 380. A 380 chassis and set of moulded panels also included.

Plans for ASP future

Now its 2019 and I will be 75 next month so it is time to decide what next for ASP.

First step,is to update the web site, correct build sequence errors and add photos of each car we built. have started on 340 Racing Clubmans. next will be 330 F2/F3.

After this plan is to add technical data as I have all original ASP chassis suspension drawings etc, most already electronic scanned.

Also looking to see if we can make ASP race wheels again using NC pattern by Paul Hannel in Brisbane with Whitehorse spun rims from Melbourne. (I ran the wheel dept at Castalloy for 2 years so am very familiar with metalurgy and heat treatment of CC601)

The real problem is to find people to carry on from myself. I already have 3 chassis to complete, 320 H roady, 340 C racing Clubman and the 2nd 380 classic sports.

Would appreciate hearing from any interested enthusiasts.

ASP’s displayed at 2018 Adelaide Motorfest

From L to R; ASP 320 Clubman #1 built 1968 owner Nigel Charlesworth; 320 Dean Hosking; 320 Tom Richards; 320 Jamie Thompson; 380 Classic sports Rory Thompson; 340C racing clubman Bob Collinson; 340C Guy Chick; 340 B Jim Doig (900 races); 330 F3 Jamie and Rory.

Jamie, Rory Jim Doig, Bob Collinson and Bruce 

New Laser Etched Chassis badges and Plates in Stock!

New stainless steel laser etched chassis badges recently received as per photo below.

Mount using double sided tape. Price $45 incl. GST. (Diameter is 60 mm)


Laser engraved stainless steel chassis plates available as per sample below. Older cars prior to VIN numbers show original owners name. Price $75 incl. GST. plus mail.

Hello world!

Please see our Past news Item below!


January 22nd, 2010 For those that are waiting for chassis plates they will be ready shortly, the next batch has been sent to the engraver. The first sample badges have arrived.
January 22nd, 2010 There is ASP Clubman for sale by its owner . This is a 320 G model and ASP is able to provided factory upgrade parts such as windscreen, wet weather gear, radio or any other part an owner might want to purchase in order to further customise their vehicle. ASP’s are rarly on the market for very long.
December 2nd, 2009 The first run of aluminium machined badges have been ordered and will be available for sale shortly. Also on the way are wheel centre caps.
November 17th, 2009 Stainless steel chassis plates are now available and we are now taking orders. They will come with the cars original details engraved on the plate and its chassis number. If you are an interested owner and would like one please send us an email. These plates are sold pre engraved and only to ASP recognised owners.
October 9th, 2009 There is a black factory built ASP 350 currently for sale. It is the V6 version and has tan leather seats and interior with momo steering wheel. Photos are now available. Priced at $45,000
July 8th, 2009 ASP can provide replacement parts and panels for all our previous models. ASP also provide factory upgrades including front disk brake suspension sets for our early clubman’s, of which some had drum brakes all-round.
November 20th, 2006 Your help is appreciated. Any visitor who has information or photographs that may be relevant to this site please don’t hesitate to contact Rory or the webmaster for