Building an ASP

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Building your own sports car might seem out of reach for many people, but in truth, the process is easier and cheaper than you may think. Depending on how you go about it, there are usually four major phases to building an ASP:

  1. Collecting the off-the-shelf parts you can use.
  2. Fabricating the parts you need to build new.
  3. Installing equipment and fitting out the car.
  4. Preparation and finishing the car.

These processes can all occur concurrently.


Rory supervising wiring loom construction at the factory.

Chassis no.52 with 4AGE 20V black engine
The phase that concerns most people is the fabrication phase. ASP offer a number of alternative solutions here. Like most Clubman manufacturers, we provide a prefabricated kit for you to assemble. For those on a tighter budget contact us and we may be able to help, since we can provide you with a chassis and components at any stage of completion.If you can demonstarate the ability, we can provide you with bare plans and technical support so you are able to start from scratch (not available on all models). ASP can offer a wide variety of solutions that the distributors can’t. The kits that we do provide are of high quality and there is always technical support when you need it just a phone call away.


Of course you can also pick and choose between the types of build process. If you are nervous about constructing your own chassis, for instance, you can order this in any stage of construction you desire and simply finish it or build the other sub-assemblies instead. We provide the most flexible solutions to allow you to tailor your build to your own needs, time and budget. In general, the more of your own time and labour you put into your vehicle the less it will cost. There are a number of expensive items that must be purchased as the build progresses but most builders find that their week-to-week costs are reasonable and that a quality car can be built on a very small budget.

Chassis no.49 nearing completion. Transmission
tunnel is being fitted before final checks and
coating of chassis.


Chassis no. 52 mid construction with trial fit of
seat shell and scuttle. Note carbon fibre
dashboard in front of scuttle.

So what type of skills can you expect to gain from building your own vehicle from scratch? Depending on your build type, you will gain practical knowledge in:

  1. Basic mechanical construction
  2. Metal fabrication and welding
  3. Suspension dynamics and systems
  4. Brakes and steering systems
  5. Engines and drive-trains
  6. Fibre-glass and composite construction
  7. Automotive electrical systems
  8. Seats and interior construction
  9. Automotive instruments
  10. General automotive sub systems
  11. Surface preparation and automotive paint
  12. Australian design rules for vehicles


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